How much does the project development cost?

Each project is one only. It has its own unique complexity, scope of work and price. Call or message us and we will give you a preliminary price and discuss other questions in more details.

How do we evaluate the project and payment?

We use Fixed Price and Time and Material contracts.

The Fixed Price contract involves determination of a project’s cost, prepayment before a project’s launch and post payment after a project’s closure. This contract is used for the projects of a small or middle scale when there is a possibility to determine the most precise terms and scope of work.

The contract Time and Material suggests the stepped-up realization of a project and the client’s payment for each phase. Payment is based on preliminary evaluation of a phase’s cost or on the quantity of required working hours. This contract is used for the projects of a middle or large scale when there is no precise evaluation of the total scope of work.

What are the possible payment options?

We accept payment to local and foreign bank accounts. We accept cryptocurrency as well.

How long is the development time?

The terms of development are determined by the scope of work and complexity of the project. We declare preliminary terms just after initial assessment. The customers often ask us: “When can we see the first results?” We work according to the system of flexible development due to which our customers have all the necessary information about their project and are able to control the working process from the start.

What is the sequence of work on the site creation?

We will find out your requirements and requests in relation to the future site. We will look into your goals. Then, we will make a commercial offer which will include the cost and the terms. We will sign the agreement and start our work after prepayment. We will make a target specification. After target specification is confirmed we will prepare sketches and design of pages. And after the design is confirmed we will put together and program the site. It will be placed on a hosting platform. We will teach you how to manage the site, add or edit its content. Finally, we will sign the work acceptance certificate and after the final payment the site will be handed over to you.

Who prepares information for the site?

The customer is usually the one who provides the initial materials, highly specialized texts and descriptions of products and services. We are responsible for the structure, art and design and general content.

What is your technical qualification?

We are always watching over trends in design and technologies. We create interactive prototypes with the help of Axure and InVision; develop front-end side using HTML5, CSS3, JS, Gulp, Pug; create layouts in Sketch and Figma; use CMS Bitrix and Wordpress; create animation with the help of Principle и Adobe After Effect; develop complicated and heavy-loaded projects with the help of Laravel Framework.

What are your advantages compared to other web-design studios?

The most important thing for us is the quality of work. We pay the most attention to design, working with text and content, as well as creating the right impression the customers would have from visiting the site. We do our job not only for our client but also for ourselves. We are interested in working on projects which we would like to include in our portfolio or which we might even apply for a contest.

We do not take any money for consultation, tasks assessment, preparation of accounting documents, finding and eliminating our mistakes which we correct very quickly.

We follow the signed agreement.

What are your restrictions?

We do not work with templates and we do not sell second-hand design.

Sometimes clients can choose to have their site based on a template, which makes the whole project not unique. This harms the company’s image and causes additional waste of time and money on redevelopment of the project. We recommend that you use templates carefully and inform our clients about restrictions when working with them

We are situated in another city / country. Can we cooperate with you?

Definitely. More than half of our clients work with us from abroad.

Does studio Design Planet suit me for development of my project?

Let us find this out. Allow us and we will answer your questions and give you recommendations regarding your project.